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Developers of online slots for real money are under pressure to come up with engaging themes, but often the simplest concepts are the best. Vending Machine, a slot machine by Hacksaw Gaming, is a perfect illustration of this concept. Hacksaw Gaming is shifting away from its typical high-volatility business model for this title and going for a more laid-back approach. Let’s take a look at this Vending Machine slot review to find out how well they’ve done.

Designing Slot Games for Vending Machines


Design-wise, the Vending Machine slot game is one of the most interesting out there. The basic notion of employing a vending machine as a set of reels is executed nicely, and Hacksaw Gaming does an excellent job of bringing concepts to life. For added suspense, the reels in other slots by Hacksaw Gaming, such as Gronk’s Gems and Hand of Anubis, feature an animal of some kind. The mellow mood in Vending Machine is enhanced by an adolescent who is looking through their phone while chewing gum. The game’s symbols are all variations on foods you could get in a vending machine, and the visual style has a lo-fi feel that fits the whole atmosphere.


Mobile Slot Machine Play at Convenience Stores

The Vending Machine slot game was designed with compatibility for several mobile platforms and devices in mind. The game has been thoroughly tested on both Android and iOS devices, and it operates well in all major mobile browsers including Chrome and Safari. One of the most downloaded casino apps on mobile devices will also support it.


Vending Machine Slots: How to Play Online

The core gameplay of Vending Machine is fun and may lead to satisfying winning streaks. The slot machine has a 5×5 gaming grid with 35 active paylines. The slot’s cascading pattern keeps things moving forward. To make room for new combinations, the winning ones are swapped out of the grid. This process will keep on until no more winning combinations can be made.


When there is no victory, the game may seek to keep the player engaged. In the event of a losing spin, the Remove & Cascade function is activated, and all symbols are removed from the grid before fresh ones cascade down to take their place.


The slot’s wide betting range, from ten cents to one hundred dollars, makes it accessible to players of various financial means.


Bonus Games for Vending Machine Slots

Hacksaw Gaming did an excellent job of incorporating the game’s concept into the extras. The Multiplier Lights down the side of the reels are the first thing most players will notice. One row is being highlighted at a time.


After a winning combination and cascade, the row’s light will turn on and show a multiplier based on the amount of symbols in that row. The multiplier is triggered and applied if and only if a winning combination contains symbols from that row. Simply landing a lightning bolt on a row will activate a multiplier. However, the blackout symbols require special attention since they might instantly disable a whole column.


The game offers two distinct free-spins incentives. When three Scatters are collected, the Lo-Fi spins bonus round begins. Three multiplier rows will be triggered, and play will continue until the rows are deactivated. Once four Scatters are collected, the Spin and Chill bonus round begins. All five multipliers will be in effect throughout this round, and will be reset to zero at the conclusion of the game.


The studio has included a Bonus Buy option, much like previous slots by Hacksaw Gaming. The Lo-Fi and Spin and Chill bonuses can be purchased for 100x and 200x your wager, respectively.


Reviewing the Return to Player, Top Payout, and Volatility of Slot Machines Found in Vending Machines

Vending Machine’s mathematical model is less stringent than that of a standard Hacksaw Gaming slot machine. The game’s return to player percentage (RTP) is 96.28%, making it a good option with modest volatility. The game’s highest payout is 5,000 times your wager, which is respectable but lower than what you could find in the company’s other high-quality online slots.


Summary of Vending Machine Slots

Vending Machine is Hacksaw Gaming’s more sedate slot machine. The creator has changed to a less risky but yet potentially lucrative medium-volatility gameplay style. Still, Nintendo has managed to sprinkle in some of its signature originality, and the game’s idea is solid. The developer has done a great job of coordinating the game’s concept and bonuses, and there are some excellent set pieces. Though hardly mind-blowing, a maximum payout of 5,000x is nevertheless respectable. If you enjoy Hacksaw Gaming’s imaginative output but are looking for a more sedate experience, this is the game for you.


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